Personal & Business Debt Management

 (Manage your Own Debt)


- You and your Family 1st! (Section 74D(4) of the Magistrates' Court Act)

- Life, Living and Loving in  Order of Priority!

- Saving you Time, Saving you Legal Fees, Keeping your Money in your Pocket!





What Services does Personal & Business Debt Management Offer?

1.    You Do: Your free debt advice line! Give Tony a call on 0834177254!

2.    We Do: We handle your creditors on your behalf - Subscription from R150 pm. No trouble is too much for one of the Debt Family! 


Other Unique Debt Services - SQ from R500 pm -

1.    Informal Insolvency/Debt Review; Informal Business Liquidation/Rescue - keeping your money in your pocket!

2.    Bond/vehicle Foreclosure Prevention Service - maximise your net equity or give yourself time to reinstate your bond!

3.    Bond/vehicle Shortfall Protection Service - avoid/minimise paying for what has been lost/repossessed!


One Important Question: 

What do you do when you wake up hungry to find that you 1) have a guts-full of debt, and 2) you are sick and tired of being a debt slave, and 3) of living on your 0-line? Live according to your Order of Priority; it’s quick it's easy, it's supported by the law and keeps on giving you and your family money in your pocket month after month!

Personal & Business Debt Management in 5 Easy Steps:

1.    Work out your Order of Priority on a month to month basis! 

2.    Divide your creditors into A-Creditors and B-Creditors!

3.    Open a Savings (Dignity) Fund for Future Monthly Necessary Priority Expenses!

4.    Pay B-Creditor (Unaffordable) Debt as indicated/dictated by your Order of Priority!

5.    Live according to your Order of Priority no matter what! 

Only 5 Options: You only have 5 Options if you can’t reduce B-Creditor (Unaffordable) Debt: 

1.    The Greek Option: (Bail-Out) Borrow to continue making payments!

2.    The Cyprus Option: (Bail-In) Use savings to fund your monthly shortfall!

3.    The USA Option: Stop paying debt!

4.    The Benjamin Franklin Option: (Not Advised) Send your children to bed without dinner! 

5.    The Personal & Business Debt Management Option: Balance your monthly budget in a strict Order of Priority!! 

What is the worst that can happen to you? 

Men have 8 basic fears: 1) a fear of death, 2) a fear of starving to death, 3) a fear of pain, 4) a fear of the future, 5) a fear of darkness, 6) a fear of the unknown, 7) a fear of the courts and 8) a fear of losing their fridges. There is no more a fear of God!

Why is Personal & Business Debt Management the only Debt Relief Procedure that puts You & Your Family 1st?

Click on - 11 Automatic Legal Benefits - to see why!

The Short and Sweet Bottom Line!

All Money is Debt! The Wild Dogs will do well to remember Ulysses’ words in Troilus and Cressida (I iii 119-124) about the nature of the dog: "Then everything includes itself in power, Power into will, will into appetite; And appetite, an universal wolf, So doubly seconded with will and power, Must make perforce an universal prey, And last eat up himself!"