11 Automatic Legal Benefits


You get 11 automatic legal benefits if you unilaterally stop, as opposed to severely reduce, monthly instalments. These benefits are:
4.1 Do-it-yourself – no need for expensive attorneys or debt counsellors;
4.2 an immediate money back guarantee month after month of your current monthly wasted debt spend;
4.3 Keep your money in your pocket – no need to worry about unscrupulous bottom-feeders;
4.4 Put you and your family 1st;
4.5 A savings fund for future monthly necessary expenses;
4.6 Access to the courts at the wild dogs’ cost;
4.7 Judicial oversight by the courts of the often bad claims brought against you -e.g.- claims based on reckless lending – a very, very common occurrence;
4.8 Automatic bad debt write-off when creditors do not sue you -e.g.- when they are not prepared to test their claims in court;
4.9 Automatic debt write-off -i.e.- pay debt without paying it- when creditors do not sue you within 3 years of your last payment;
4.10 the 100% maximum repayment rule kicks in automatically;
4.11 free yourself and your family automatically from the shackles of the Grip of Debt (Death)! See Michael Rowbottam – The Grip of Death: A Study of Modern Money, Debt Slavery and Destructive Economics.