How to Rule the World


Abraham Lincoln once said ‘Government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the Earth.

But Lincoln’s so-called Democracy will perish before a Theocracy (rule by God with priests not through priests as some would have it: The Controversy of Zion – Douglas Reed – page 94:):

The money (& interest on the money, if any) for women, children & the aged 1st through government by us, the people, of all the wealth, business & resources of the world (which belong to God) under the leadership, guidance, principles & name of Jesus Christ’. 

  1. Government of us, the people, has been taken over by big business for big business under Democracy.

1.1.   Communism, Socialism and all other forms of government by men lead inexorably to the same thing!

  1. How could this happen?
  2. The  Old King James Bible 1611 Printing including the Apocrypha tells us that  in the olde days the following happened : Additions to Esther 13:3-5: Now when I asked my counsellors how this might be brought to pass, Aman, that excelled in wisdom among us, and was approved for his constant good will and steadfast fidelity, and had the honour of the second place in the kingdom, Declared unto us, that in all nations throughout the world there was scattered a certain malicious people, that had laws contrary to all nations, and continually despised the commandments of kings, so as the uniting of our kingdoms, honourably intended by us, cannot go forward. Seeing then we understand that this people alone is continually in opposition unto all men, differing in the strange manner of their laws, and evil affected to our state, working all the mischief they can, that our kingdom may not be firmly established:
  3. What if, in this day & age, God has dispersed a certain malicious people throughout the world having laws contrary to all nations in order to prevent the establishment of the kingdom of Christ and the uniting of all men thereunder!
  4. All commentary in all media studiously avoids mentioning 2 subjects:

5.1.   Jesus the Christ, the King (Old Testament Zechariah 9.9); and

5.2.   The secret societies (& their members) gnawing away in darkness at the innards of civilization.

  1. We know that out of sight is out of mind. All media may as well be one media in this regard!
  2. Ask not what is being discussed but what is not being discussed! (If we don’t read the Old King James Bible 1611 Printing including the Apocrypha, how will we ever know what is going on?)