Written by Tony Webbstock.

  1. The main problem that all of us face – including the US of A – see – is that the Debt-Interest Money System- the Capitalist System – lends all money (& non-existent money by means of the fractional reserve system – into existence as debt & requires more money to be re-paid (with interest and costs of collection) than was loaned into existence in the first place. (All money is Debt!)
  2. You are not responsible for this continuing and increasing shortage of money – rather it comes from usury! This is what Wealth, Virtual Wealth & Debt written by Frederick Soddy in 1925 has to say about usury (money lent on interest) at p186: “The mention of this form of petty usury … conjures up possibly in the mind a memory of evidences of human terror and anguish one had never expected to meet this side the abode of the damned, and gives rise to a feeling of physical loathing as of something at work, ghoulish and inhuman, battening upon, if not responsible for, the extremity of misery.
  3. This state of terror leaves us all living in the extremity of misery (living on our 0-lines!) every month without a hope of ever paying off / reducing our outstanding debt – private, company & governent. (If you can’t pay / reduce your debt, don’t try!) To who does all this debt go if USA, the great Capitalist, owes trillions other than the private Reserve Bank/s of which there are about 143 regions spanning the whole surface of the world! See the articleNationalise the Reserve Bank by Mangosuthu Buthelezi, The Star, 10th June 2009.

What is the Solution to the Debt-Interest Money System?