Why Stop Paying Your Debt

Like insolvency – the law allows you to stop paying debt when you can no longer afford it!

Stop paying B-Creditor Debt is the only way to:

  • get the Automatic Legal Benefits – see infra;
  • stop B-Creditors from collecting:
    • Prescribed (Non-Existent) Debt! (1. Debts older than 3 years since last payment and 2. Prescribed (Non-Existent) Debt on which you are unknowingly still making payment); and
    • Debt arising from Reckless Lending and
    • Debt you deny you owe or can’t pay –eg- debt you can’t reduce or afford to pay!

There is no more forgiveness of debt / debt write-off as in the old days, therefore you have to effect your own debt write-off (ala Debt Management) as no-one else is going to do this for you!. Society (or rather Governments) has become the enemy of citizens and you need to position yourself accordingly with a Savings (Dignity) Fund – see supra! People have forgotten God and what he says in our most basic prayer – Forgive a man his Debts (Matthew 6.12)! The storm clouds are building up – its time to start building up Savings (Dignity) Fundfor Future Monthly Necessary Expenses!

We are completely surrounded by Wild Dogs jumping onto the Jubilee bandwagon who are going to end up at last with all the assets and outstanding debt obligations for the 11th non-existent Rand: Debt – the 1st 5000 Years by anthropologist David Graeber.  Wild Dogs are B-Creditors who will not forgive debts as our basic prayer (Matthew 6.12) requires us to!

After Jesus, Cash Flow is King! Unlike the Boer War when they starved children before their mothers’ eyes, now they expect mothers to starve their children by paying B-Creditors before groceries! This alone should be sufficient reason for the creation of a Savings (Dignity) Fund!

Empathy for the citizens / the poor (Matthew 24:12 – The love of many shall  wax cold) is decreasing so no debt relief can be expected from Government / the Money Mongers (Debt Sellers) – see the article Nationalise the Reserve Bank by Mangosuthu Buthelezi, The Star, 10th June 2009: “The need to act now is impaired by the lack of government control over the Reserve Bank, which is a privately owned entity, owned by private shareholders – possibly bankers – whom the law requires to be kept secret. Its decisions should be in the public interest, but are taken in closed meetings, recorded in secret minutes by directors appointed by and accountable to their shareholders.”

The poor are increasing daily – their disposable incomes decreasing: See the article entitled Rate Cut May be Too Late which appeared in The Sunday Independent 22nd March 2009 on page 3: “Another survey by Unisa’s bureau for economic research found that for every R10.00 earned, at least R8.40 was spent on debt owed to financial institutions.

Interest on debt has become the ultimate passive income! No one is so enslaved as those who do not see the chains. Debt Slavery is an undeniable fact today!

You are drowning in debt! How else(other than Debt Management) are you going to reduce / pay it off? Make like a Rat (if that’s what you think it is) and jump this sinking debt ship! Don’t be scared of the future – God is in full control of your financial affairs!